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Kyrgyzstan’s landscape of high, forested mountains and lush, grassy steppes attracted Silk Road travelers thankful for the region’s high mountains, cool climate, sparkling lakes and green valleys after the perilous, exhausting and arduous desert crossings.

It was this location on the main Silk Road that has bequeathed Kyrgyzstan with the ruins of entire cities, trading towns and caravan sites of the Turks, Kyrgyz, Sogdians and other ancient travelers, as well as places linked to the spread of the Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim religions.

In addition to Silk Road sites, tourists are attracted to the country’s stunning natural beauty. White-water rafting, trekking, mountain hiking and even heli-skiing are all on offer for today’s adventurous and intrepid traveler. Others experience a truly unique cultural holiday by enjoying the hospitality of one of Kyrgyzstan’s many authentic nomad families still living in felt yurts out in the mountains and happy to accept guests.

What to See

Kyrgyzstan consists of 7 Regions, where you can see:

Chui Region is famous for the capital of Kyrgyzstan- Bishkek. There is Burana Tower – on that place there was Balasagun City – one of the capital of Karakhanids State. Also there are many beautiful gorges such as Ala-Archa, Alamedin, Issyk-Ata, Belogorka, Shamsy, Kegety, etc. Also there are ancient ruins of Ak-Beshim (Suyab) and Nevaket Towns.

Issyk-Kul Region is famous for Lake Issyk-Kul. Lake Issyk-Kul is the second high alpine lake in the world after Lake Titikaka. It also famous for its surrounding beautiful gorges which are popular for trekking. There are high waterfalls and hot springs. Also you can see there ancient petrogliphs and tomb stones. There are highest peaks of Kyrgyzstan Pobeda peak (7437 m.) and Khan-Tengry peak (6995 m.) and unique Merzbacher lake.

Naryn Region is famous for beautiful Son-Kul lake, Tash Rabat caravan-sarai, ruins of Koshoy-Korgon and there is a road which leads to/from China via the Torugart Pass.

Djalal-Abad Region if famous for the unique rock paintings of Saimaluu-Tash in the Fergana mountain range (there are about 100,000 paintings), Sary-Chelek lake, Shah-Fazil Mausoleum, the ancient forests of wild walnut Arslan-Bob and the Toktogul reservoired power station.

Osh Region is the famous for its Osh city which is called as the south capital of Kyrgyzstan. Osh is famous for the sacred Suleiman Mountain and bazaar. Osh Region is famous for another old trade route. There is a road which leads to/from China via the Irkeshtam Pass. Near the village of Aravan there are paintings dating from the 2nd century BC of the legendary “Celestial Horses” coveted by the Chinese. Also there is Uzgen Town where you can see mausoleums and tower belong to Karakanids State (X-XII C.). There is also one of highest peak of Kyrgyzstan Lenin peak (7134 m.).

Talas Region is famous for Manas Mausoleum, Besh-Aral preserve, beautiful nature, petrogliphs and horse trekking.